Cute Japanese Short Hairstyles in Harajuku

This Japanese guy and girl – each with a super-cute short hairstyle – were photographed in Harajuku. The boy is 19 years old, the girl is 18, and they are both students. His outfit consists of a cool baggy black sweater/jacket, destroyed Levi’s jeans/shorts, skull-pattern men’s leggings, high-top Nike sneakers, and a bag by Gregory. He said that his favorite fashion brand is Vivienne Westwood.

The stylish girl with him is wearing a red beret covered in cute little bows, several layers of tops from Kinji, a skirt from Chicago (that’s the name of a Japanese clothing store, not the city in the US), black leggings, and fun shoes by the brand Cotton Candy. Her flower print bag was purchased at the famous Harajuku antique/vintage shop Bunkaya Zakkaten. She told us that her favorite shop/brand is Crisp, which coincidentally is located next door to Bunkaya Zakkaten in Harajuku. As far as music, she said she listens to Visual Kei!

Cool Hair & Red Beret in Harajuku

Baggy Sweater in Harajuku

Cute Hair & Wrap in Harajuku

Red Beret With Cute Bows

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