Cute Plaid Shorts & Bow Tie Girls in Harajuku

These two Japanese girls were photographed in Harajuku. I’m not even sure that words can describe them or pictures can capture them. They were cute times one thousand! The combination of plaid shorts, great short hairstyles, and bow ties would have been enough. But, the girls didn’t stop there – they’ve got cute backpacks, colored leggings (one of them, at least), awesome glasses (the other one), cute shoes, and even cute socks. If we were rich, we’d launch a line of dolls based on these two girls. Forget Bratz, Barbie, and Blythe – we’ve got plaid and bow ties!

Click on any photo to enlarge it.

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  1. Cute Nerd Chic is what these kawaii girls are! :D

  2. These girls are so cute!! I love their hair, their makeup, their clothes, shoes, and backpacks. ^^ Love them!!

  3. Got the plaid expo treatment down to a t! Brilliant!

    Plaid expo treatment is gonna be big – or at least I hope so!

  4. LOVE THIS GEEKY LOOK! Is SO now and some very Comme Des Garcons Shirts collection!! Love Japan fashionista! i love to go back and just take pictures!!

  5. my, my. this girl know to do full body plaid :D
    A+ to both of them

  6. Is that Kyary Pamyu Pamyu with the straight hair ? :o