Cute Red Hairstyle, Bubbles Harajuku Top & UNIF Cross Platforms

Cocomi’s cute red hairstyle caught our eye on the street in Harajuku. She works at vlli vlli and she also blogs for Elle Girl. Find out more about her interests from her Twitter account.

Cocomi is wearing a turtleneck from Sankaku over a lace long sleeve from Bubbles Harajuku. Her plaid pencil skirt is from Jouetie, as is her angel tote bag. Her heeled platforms with zippers and cross details are from UNIF, her rings are Justin Davis, her cross necklace is Chrome Hearts, and her other accessories are from Avantgarde Harajuku. We also noticed she was wearing blue mascara and floral nail art.

When it comes to music, Cocomi is into Dir en Grey, Linkin Park and Boom Boom Satellites.

This snap was originally posted on for Japan Fashion Week.

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