Cute Shibuya Girls w/ High Waisted Shorts, Double Bun Hair & Sing-a-ma-jigs

Here are a couple of Japanese girls in cute fashion that we photographed near Shibuya 109 in Tokyo. The fact that they were carrying colorful Sing-a-ma-jigs toys made them easy to spot in a crowd.

The girl on the left – with the trendy double bun hairstyle – is wearing a white off-the-shoulder top that says “Love is being stupid together” over a studded black tank top, a paisley skirt with a wide belt, and Converse-style high top sneakers. She’s also wearing a tiny backpack (a bag choice we’ve seen a lot lately) with a red Sing-a-ma-jig toy attached to it.

On the right, the girl is wearing a bejeweled/decorated t-shirt with extremely high waisted denim shorts (they almost look like overalls without the straps), and high heel gladiator sandals. She’s carrying a pink leather purse.

Click any of the street snaps to enlarge them.

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  1. Smilebaby

    wouwww~~ I really like this styleeeeeee <3
    more more moreeeeeeeeee please :D

  2. JamJammieJam

    I love those Sing-A-Ma-Jigs and whenever I see them I always terrorize whoever is with me at the time. Is the girl on the left is wearing circle lenses?

  3. Woow. the outfit of the girl with the black hair so sooo beautiful *_*

  4. something tells me that they aren’t even 16 -___- … yet they already have such great fashion sense!

  5. @red I guess not, more like 13?!

    But whatever, they look so so cute…

  6. ケイリーちゃん

    they aren’t that young.
    i’d say 17-20, around there. japanese people always look young.

    very cute.

  7. I thought the black hair girl looked familiar. She’s morning musume 10th generation audition, right? I think her name is Iikubo Haruka, 16 years old. At least I think its her. Looked alot like her

  8. Katie Dedman

    the one on the right is 16 years old – 10th Generation morning musume finalist Iikubo Haruna

  9. OMG the are my fav’s love the white eyeliner

  10. She is Iikubo Haruna!! I realized as soon as I saw her. So weird to see her in one of these pictures XDDuu

  11. I LOVE LOVE LOVE “the girl on the right” ‘s hair! <3

  12. kei – no wonder i thought she looked so familiar!

  13. Haruna, the girl on the right got in Morning musume!! :D

  14. Heheheh It must be weird to only just find out that one of the girls is Iikubo Haruna. A 10th generation member of a popular Japanese idol group.

  15. misolaneous

    Are those the clothes Haruna wore to the 2nd/3rd round auditions? I swear those denim shorts look familiar…

  16. The girl on the left has a fabulous face shape – so photogenic – and the off the face “double-bun” style shows her features beautifully. Both their wardrobe stylings are perfect!

  17. Two girls looks really cute but girl with black hair I lyk her most
    Japanese fashion is really awesome wish I were Japanese too :(

  18. The girl on the left is totally pretty! I love her hair & her style. <3
    But both girls are pretty, of course(:

  19. WinterAir

    eh? isn’t that Ikubo Haruna from Morning Musume’s 10th gen? or at least it really looks like her! =D this is kinda cool, seeing her on tokyofashion street photos! i wonder who is that she is with?

  20. i love the style with teddybears on the bag *-*
    so cute >.<

  21. The girl on the right is Iikubo Haruna from Japanese top idol group Morning Musume. She’s 17 years old.

  22. Harunyan! So cool! You snapped her just before she joined MoMusu! One of Japan’s most famous girl groups.

  23. Just realized that this was Iikubo Haruna from Momusu!!!

  24. Sorry the right one, isn´t this Haruna from Morning Musume

    DaMNNN I wish I could have met her ;D

  25. mark reitinger

    Let’s be clear and factual OK? The girl on the right IS in fact Haruna Iikubo of JPOP idol group Morning Musume. She is older than 16. Morning Musume is on a much talked about roll of gold records at the present time.
    A couple of days ago their latest single dubuted at number 1 on the sales charts.