Cute Short Blonde Hairstyle, Nadia Jacket & Cutoffs in Harajuku

Here’s a stylish 17-year-old Japanese student named Kana who we met in Harajuku. Kana’s cute short hairstyle and vintage-inspired look made us think of several Bubbles Harajuku coordinates when we first spotted her. And, in fact, she later told us that Bubbles is one of her favorite shops. Bubbles is becoming increasingly influential in the Harajuku street fashion scene.

Kana is wearing a souvenir jacket from Nadia Harajuku over a graphic top from Snidel, cutoff denim shorts that she purchased online, white stockings with black stripes at the top, purple socks, and black suede shoes from Spinns. Accessories include a choker, a large Nadia button featuring a pink cat with a cross on its head, and a leather shoulder bag from DHolic. Kana’s favorite singer is Tommy Heavenly. Her favorite shops include Nadia and Bubbles.

Click on any street snap to enlarge it.

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  1. Dreaded Queen

    Look like guns need to be strapped to her legs. Wish she wore heels .

  2. Omg I LOVE this! Her hairstyle, her smile, the outfit from head to toes! ^^ Especially the tights and pants. But the shirt is super cute too~ everything matches so well. This is the best outfit I’ve seen so far on this website :)

  3. this is great! love the mix of “leather” jacket and pastel colors (: and yes, one of the prettiest smiles in harajuku :3