Cute Short Hairstyle, Nadia Jacket & Marimekko Bag in Harajuku

Here’s a stylish 20-year-old Japanese student named Yuka who we photographed in Harajuku. Her cute pink-tinted-blonde short hairstyle is the first thing that caught our attention.

Yuka is wearing a satin jacket from Nadia Harajuku over a sheer top/dress, a pink belt, shorts, white stockings with red ribbon graphics, and red rocking horse shoes with spikes on the straps. Accessories – which came from Nadia, Sly & Bubbles – include a cute lip-shaped hair clip, large cross earrings, a red choker (we see a lot of black chokers from Bubbles Harajuku, but not too many colored ones), and a colorful graphic bag from marimekko.

Yuka told us that her favorite place to shop for fashion is Nadia Harajuku. If you’d like to know more about her, you can follow Yuka on Twitter.

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  1. How cute! I love this little look; it suits her.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if she was an Ayu (Ayumi Hamasaki) fan; the light pink tinted hair, especially the short cut, is something that Ayu is wearing for the spring on all the magazines! The lenses also look like they’re from the Ayu x Sweet Days collection in the colour BLUE WISH!

  2. wow, the whole ensemble rocks. She is a both an adorable doll and a real sexy woman with those great legs