Cute Short Hairstyle, Muji Stripes, Plaid & Retro Nike in Harajuku

Wakako is a 19-year-old college student who we met on the street in Harajuku. Her cute short hairstyle and unique way of wearing suspenders caught our eye.

Her look features a striped Muji top with a resale plaid skirt and retro Nike sneakers. Accessories include a blue beanie, suspenders, a DiddleDiddle pin, a cute fish purse, a flag ring, a wrist watch, and a tote bag from MHL.

Wakako told us that her favorite fashion brands include Kakavaka, Beams Boy, and l’atelier du savon. She also likes listening to Sakanamon and Kana-Boon. For more info, check her personal Twitter!

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  1. Amber Hues

    So cute! Such a clever idea with the suspenders; I am definitely going to try.

  2. Allumette

    So beautiful! I love the way she is dress!! ._.