Dangerous Nude Harajuku Staffer w/ PCW Corset & Piercings

Moka works at the Harajuku subculture fashion boutique Dangerous Nude. We met her on the street near LaForet Harajuku while it was raining lightly.

In addition to her cool short blonde hairstyle and piercings, Moka’s dark look features a PCW (PureOne Corset Works) corset over a Dangerous Nude top, a resale sheer pleated skirt, and loafers bought in Shinjuku. Accessories – some of which came from H&M – include a large choker necklace, large earrings, rings, and several bracelets.

Moka’s favorite fashion designer is John Paul Gaultier and she listens to the music of the Japanese visual kei band The GazettE. Find her on Twitter for more pictures.

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