Dark Harajuku Vintage Streetwear Styles w/ WEGO, 7% More Pink, Rebertas, MPQ, Yosuke, Daiso & Romantic Standard

We stumbled upon 15-year-old students Eiji and Haruna, whose striking dark ensembles caught our eye in Harajuku.

On the left is Haruna, sporting twin braids and oversized aviator glasses. She wore a black zip-up top with a striped ruched neckline from Forever 21 under a black blazer, which she borrowed from her father. Her jacket was cinched at the waist with a wide black leather belt and styled with extra long purple floral lace sleeves from 7% More Pink. Strapped across her chest is a black Adidas sling bag, and on her feet are black printed socks borrowed from her mother and black platform wedge sneakers from WEGO. Haruna loves shopping at Kinji and listening to music from Black Pink. She is active on both Instagram and Twitter.

Meanwhile, Eiji coordinated with Haruna in a black blazer that he also borrowed from his father. He styled it with a black zip-up top from Rebertas, vintage blue-and-green checkered pants, and a black leather grommet belt adorned with a silver chain. Eiji slung a graphic tote bag from MPQ across one shoulder and wore black platform wedge shoes from Yosuke. He finished off his look with a green-and-red striped visor and multiple ear piercings. His accessories are from Daiso and Romantic Standard. Eiji enjoys shopping at vintage shops and listening to music from Kaiware Hammer and Black Pink. Follow him on Instagram and Twitter.

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