Day Break & Mackdaddy Streetwear Guy in Harajuku

This stylish and charismatic Japanese guy was photographed on the street in Harajuku. He told us that he’s 24-years-old and that his job is “The Chef”, which sounds like he was being a bit funny? His outfit consists of several items from the Harajuku brand/shop Day Break, including his blazer and his colorful drop crotch (sarueru) pants. He’s also wearing a furry hat, a necklace, a skull t-shirt, an untied tie, black boots, a plaid backpack, and probably a few other things that we can’t discern. He said that some of his accessories came from the Japanese brand Mackdaddy and that his favorite shop is Rone.

When we asked him about music, he told us that he listens to Ellegarden.

Day Break Fashion in Harajuku

Cool Day Break Jacket

Plaid Backpack in Harajuku

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  1. I like the bag! also all of his outfit! very stylish!

  2. I wonder if there is a online site that sells these drop crotch pants for Americans who love Japanese fashion? If there is and the price is reasonable I will totally buy some drop crotch pants no matter how people(my mom, family, friends and the clueless people of the west) say how silly they look on me. I will wear those drop crotch pants with honer and be proud sporting my drop crotch pants I want to be the first in my state to sport them and I will beat all of the trendsetters in America who are not in tune with Japanese fashion.