Deconstructed Hoodie & Skirt w/ Sparkling Tokyo Bopper Platforms

Mikako is a super-stylish girl with a cute short hairstyle who we spotted walking down Fire Dori in Shibuya (across the street from Tower Records). You might recognize her from her snaps in Harajuku last year.

Mikako’s outfit features a cool deconstructed hoodie from 12-na (purchased at Wall Harajuku) over a ruffle collar top, with a deconstructed skirt, flower-print tights, and sparkling Tokyo Bopper platform shoes. Accessories include a straw “NY” hat, a labret piercing, a wrist watch, multiple ear piercings, and a Vargas cross earring.

Click on any photo to enlarge it.

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  1. She Reminds me ikeda hirari. Not just fashion wise but facial similarities as well

  2. Victoria Moore

    Her look is totally slouchy cool. I love it. She’s adorable. Great style and coordination.

  3. Dreaded_Queen

    She is just sooo cute. I’m not sure how she thought to put together floral prints, stripes, a patchwork look and athletic wear. Mind bogglingly cute!!!

  4. Wtf? This is perfect. And her shoes are calling out to me

  5. This is a very avant-garde style. It looks really cool.

  6. Toykyo Hajime

    I absolutely love her hoodie and skirt! I wish I could be that cute! (\^o^/)

  7. I had that same hair style when I was in high school! I think mine was a bit more baby blue though and less purple. Love this girl’s fashion! She is so cool!

  8. tokyo

    Thank you for the info on the hoodie, article updated! Mikako is working at Wall now.