Decora Girl in GU Sesame Street Shirt, ACDC Rag Plaid Pants, Yosuke Multicolor Platform Shoes, Claire’s Backpack & Assorted Decora Accessories

While we were walking around the streets of Harajuku, we spotted 18-year-old Sayaka, who caught our attention with her colorful hair buns and decora fashion.

Sayaka stepped out wearing a GU Sesame Street shirt, which she paired with ACDC Rag pink plaid pants. She also wore a pink face mask, multicolor Yosuke platform shoes with mismatched socks, a Claire’s pink donut backpack and a purple belt. Sayaka finished her look with a number of different accessories, some of which were handmade and some are from Spiral and Claire’s. Her assortment of decora accessories included block letter necklaces, beaded bracelets, a pink watch, Kermit the frog ring and a plastic toy gun necklace.

Sayaka shared that Claire’s is her favorite brand. When it comes to music, she loves listening to Billie Eilish. See more of Sayaka on her Instagram and Twitter.

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