Decora Streetwear Style w/ Multiple Hair Clips, El Rodeo Rainbow Shirt, Pokemon Print Shorts, Fishnets & Laguna Mart Platform Bow Shoes

Easily catching our eye with her colorful decora street style is Purinchan, a 19-year-old part-timer.

Purinchan is dressed in a rainbow striped sweatshirt from El Rodeo, resale Pokemon print shorts, black and yellow fishnet tights, printed gingham socks, and pink platform lace-up boots with cutouts, which she bought in Laguna Mart. She accessorized with multiple decora hair clips, face stickers, a pendant necklace, a cartoon print detached collar with a bow and lemon slice badge, multiple stacked beaded bracelets, and a yellow toy gun. In addition, Purinchan is carrying a pink printed backpack – bought from China, a yellow duck plushie waist bag and a keychain plushie.

Kawaii fashion label, 6%DokiDoki is Purinchan’s favorite, and she likes listening to Perfume. Purinchan is active on Twitter and Instagram.

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