Decora Style in Harajuku w/ Neon Tutu, Hair Clips & Panda Mask

Meet Nozomi, a Japanese high school student with a colorful decora style who we met in Harajuku. Her Harajuku decora look features lots of hair clips and a panda mask on her head, as well as flower stickers on the cheeks.

Nozomi paired her The Voltman t-shirt with a neon yellow tutu and pink sneakers. She’s also wearing a flower print tote bag, a colorful plastic necklace, a dinosaur ring, pompoms and beads bracelets.

She let us know that NEWS is her favorite music, and that she’s active on Twitter.

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  1. Victoria Moore

    She looks like a really cute cartoon brought to life.

  2. From the world of Manga come to life in a beautiful expression of form beauty and style …

  3. very cool, love the use of white + bright colors.