Def Leppard T-Shirt w/ Mini Skirt, Spikes Necklace & Boots in Harajuku

This is Momo, a 15-year-old student we recently spotted in Harajuku. She is wearing a mostly black outfit and has long hair with bangs.

Momo’s Def Leppard t-shirt is a resale item, which she paired with a mini skirt, backpack and lace-up boots (worn with blue socks). She is also wearing a bandana and a spikes necklace from Sevens.

Momo told us that she likes K-pop, and her favorite band is f(x). She also gave us her Twitter account in case you want to look her up.

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  1. Omg! That is the cool leopard shirt of the world. And ur dark outfit is really cool. It’s almost like a goth style. But the dark outfit is really cool.

  2. Seeing as how Def Leppard are one of my all time favorite bands, this is pretty much my dream outfit.

  3. Sarah Slaughter

    Love it, it’s so simple and effective to me . I like how the skirt matches the fabric of the t-shirt so it almost looks like a dress, and the boots match the leather of the backpack! Makes it look so cohesive, balanced and complete! And the little pops of colour, it’s just so nice! Something I could see myself wearing

  4. super cool outfit and she’s so pretty, I can’t believe she’s only fifteen!