Derby, Skull & Unique Tights

This cute Japanese girl in a derby hat is Una, an 18-year-old staffer at Spinns. Her red top with a pirate skull is from Spinns. Her outfit also includes a black and white polka dot shirt, a pair of resale black shorts and a bolero-style jacket.

Una’s accessories include tights decorated with punctuation marks, a necklace made from gold buttons and small silver stud earrings. She’s also wearing a large geometric ring and a heart-shaped ring with a Vivienne Westwood logo and carrying a small black purse on a silver chain. Her eye-catching black and white shoes are from Esperanza.

Una told use her favorite brands and shops are Galaxxxy and Spinns. She likes the music of Ayumi Hamasaki. Besides working at Spinns Harajuku, Una is also a fashion model and we have seen her on various Spinns-related billboards around Tokyo. She also appears quite often in Japanese fashion magazines. You can find out more about Una on her blog.

Derby, Skull & Unique Tights

Skull shirt & polka dot blouse

Derby hat

Purse on chain

Vivienne Westwood ring

Punctuation mark tights & Esperanza shoes

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  1. oh GOD ! luv !!!!!♥♥♥ =3 the hat , the shirt ,and the shoes want them and she’s very cute

  2. very interesting pro British outfit…I like her shoes and stockings, not mention hat…and she is pretty girl too…not much my style but i like it after all

  3. she is so beautiful! and her tights are amazing, same goes for her vivienne westwood ring!

  4. I love her style, it’s cool, especially her tights! :3

  5. Cannot believe Una is only 18 y.o. She looks so mature with everything on her. Great!

  6. Samansarii

    She’s gorgeous and her entire look is fresh!

  7. Dominique

    she’s beautiful. lol at the text symbols on her stockings. that’s pretty original.

  8. Wow…Shes really pretty~~ X3
    Love everything shes wearing!!!

  9. waah, love love love her style! i really love the outfit, but i don’t think the stockings match *_*

    and oh she’s really adorable *_* pretty faace