Devil666ish Designers in Harajuku w/ Harness, Avantgarde Tights & Vivienne Westwood

Cindy and Franky are the designers of the popular-in-Tokyo fashion brand Devilish (sometimes spelled Devil666ish). They are both originally from Taiwan.

Cindy is wearing a Devilish cross t-shirt dress with a sheer skirt, Avantgarde Harajuku skeleton tattoo tights, and studded shoes. Accessories include a Devilish kanji choker, a Devilish snakeskin print eyeball bracelet, and a Vivienne Westwood leather purse (with a Sailor Moon charm). Cindy’s favorite fashion brands include Avantgarde Harajuku and Nikki Lipstick. Find her on Twitter or Instagram for more info and pictures.

Franky is wearing a Vivienne Westwood lip-print t-shirt with a black apron over skinny jeans and spiked black leather boots. Accessories include a Devil666ish leather harness, a Devil666ish leather bracelet, a Devil666ish eyeball ring, and a feather bag from Devil666ish. For more info on Franky, check the official Devil666ish Tumblr or Twitter.

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