Devilish Horned Hat, Teddy Bear Sweatshirt & Jouetie Jacket in Harajuku

This is Mika, a 21-year-old girl who caught our eye in Harajuku. You might remember her from previous street snaps.

Mika is wearing a Jouetie parka with a plaid back over a Spinns sweatshirt with plush teddy bears, paired with teddy bear print pajama pants from Nadia. Her bear-shaped bag is from Little Sunny Bite. She made her own furry sandals. She is also wearing a top hat with horns by Devilish, a Bubbles choker, and a Spinns ring.

Mika told us that her favorite places to shop are Nadia and Bubbles. She also mentioned she likes Sekai no Owari and KISS. To find out more about her, you can visit her Twitter page.

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