Franky and Cindy are the designers for the popular-in-Harajuku accessory brand Devilish (sometimes written “devil666ish”). We have snapped Harajuku kids wearing Devilish items, so we were happy to run into the brand’s designers near Shibuya Station after dark.

Cindy – on the right with the cute short blue hairstyle – is wearing a black leather jacket over a graphic top, a cute skirt, colorblocked tights from Avantgarde Harajuku, and Tokyo Bopper platform shoes. Accessories include her eye-catching metallic muffler from Devilish, eye jewels, and a Devilish tote bag with leather straps. Cindy’s favorite Tokyo shops is Avantgarde Harajuku. For more information on Cindy and Devilish, follow her on Twitter or Instagram.

Franky – on the left with purple-tipped hair – is wearing a plaid coat over a white top with torn jeans and leather boots. Accessories include a studded winter hat, a leather Devilish harness, a velvet tote bag (with a Devilish eyeball case attached), a silver ring, a couple of pins (one that says “Normal People Scare Me”), and several studded garters from Devilish. For more on Franky, check out Devilish on Instagram.

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  1. 私の親友です♡大好きなかわいいカップル!最高です!