Die Antwoord Fan w/ Piercings, Shibuya Frontier Platforms & Graphic Coat

Sandy is 19 and she’s a student. We noticed her stylish look with layers and red-tinted make-up and decided to stop her for a quick chat.

Sandy is wearing a floral dress and a resale cardigan with a fur collar, and a resale Zara coat on top. Her floral backpack is from Gregory and she bough the black and white platform boots from Shibuya Frontier. Her hat is from Santa Monica and her round sunglasses are Kitson. She’s got her nose and lip pierced, blue contacts and Egyptian cross earrings, as well as a discreet necklace.

She told us that her favorite shop is Bubbles Harajuku and that she loves listening to Die Antwoord. You can find her on Twitter if you want to know more about Sandy.

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  1. Not much of a Die Antwoord fan, but I’m a fan of this girl! She looks grrrreat

  2. Also, she reminds me of the almighty Ikeda Hirari-san.. in her current (as I fangirl-ishly call) buzz-cut-and-fancy-robes phase.