Dior, Vivienne Westwood & Doctor Martens

This cool girl with short hair is a 21-year-old named Noda who works as a Bloc assistant. She’s wearing a short black leather-look jumpsuit from a resale shop. Her white t-shirt with a vintage print is also resale. Her accessories include stylish round Marui sunglasses and a silver Dior necklace.

Noda’s black shoes are Doctor Martens and her socks are from Vivienne Westwood (her two favorite brands). Her black leather bag is from Botega.

We asked Noda about her favorite music and she said she likes the music of Kitsune.
Dior, Vivienne Westwood & Doctor Martens

Marui sunglasses & vintage print top

Short hair & Marui sunglasses

Black Bottega bag

Vivienne Westwood socks & Dr. Martens shoes

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  1. Auntie Aku

    Her style is simply amazing. Everything is so carefully composed and coordinated… Also, B&W never fails.

  2. Cute socks and shoes…
    Love the hair, but it kinda makes you look a little older.

  3. One of the coolest pictures on your website. I simply love her style. Superb!

  4. What has happened to Noda’s right arm? Allergy?