Dip Dye Hair, Biker Jacket, Spiked Garter & Demonia Boots in Harajuku

Here’s someone who we see around Harajuku often – Lisa13! Lisa is an English-speaking guitar-playing Japanese high school student who is into hard rock and heavy metal. Her personal style is punk-inspired, and her music taste veers toward the hardcore, but Lisa is one of the sweetest people who we know in Harajuku.

Lisa is wearing a leather motorcycle jacket that she’s customized herself along with a cool black dress and Demonia buckle boots. Accessories include a leather choker, a brass knuckles necklace, a skeleton hands necklace, a skeleton hand ring, a Vivienne Westwood handbag, and a spiked garter that Lisa’s mom made for her. Lisa’s pink-blue dip dye hair adds a splash of color to the look.

Lisa’s favorite brands include Demonia, Kreepsville 666 & LEMONed. She has many favorite bands, including Slipknot, Hide, Murderdolls and Wednesday 13. If you’d like to see a more complete list of Lisa’s favorite bands, check out her personal Tumblr. She is also on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram.

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  1. i feel so jealous of japanese people in harajuku…they can wear anything they like & there is no problem with that. in other countries you cant even think of dressing outside the “norm”.

  2. I agree with Nikole, that’s true. I don’t wanna know what would happened if I would dress myself like Lisa in my town..
    She looks absolutely gorgeous! I love every single thing in this look.

  3. wuahh i love Lisa’s fashions– i wish i could pull it off!!

  4. Lisa looks so mysterious but still pretty as ever

  5. agree with Nikole! but if i had Lisa’s style i would definitely be myself nevertheless. anyway, i think this is her best look so far. love it!!

  6. I love seeing this girl! I have those exact boots too but wear them with the laces tucked in =)

  7. Stack Jones

    The amazing thing is Lisa 13 plays guitar, but she was born without a right hand.

    She’s fantastic! She’s amazing. She’s LISA 13!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Glitter Lolita

    Nikole you can wear anything, anywhere! Thats what i do. You just have to be brave and confident enough to be youself.

  9. OMG! I love this style! *O* She look so awesome! i love it! *O*

  10. Always good to see Lisa13’s photos.

    I never even noticed that she only had one hand until someone else commented on it….