Dir en Grey Fan in Sequin Sneakers in Harajuku

This 19-year-old Japanese girl was photographed in the Harajuku area of Tokyo. She told us that her favorite band is the Japanese rock band Dir en Grey. Her outfit consists of a furry leopard print hat, a blue scarf, a red & blue print top, cropped drop crotch pants, argyle socks, and sequined high top sneakers. Her accessories include a leopard print bag, furry character goods, a pink watch, sunglasses, and a colorful belt. She told us that part of her outfit came from Kinji, and that her favorite places to shop for fashion include Glad News, Galaxxxy, and various Harajuku resale and vintage shops.

Dir en Grey Fan in Harajuku

Leopard Print Hat in Harajuku

Sequined Hightops in Harajuku

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  1. tokyo

    Thanks for catching our color blindness, Enrique! Fixed it in the article text. :-)

  2. at first i didn’t like the drop-crotch pants, but this look seems to incorporate them nicely. touche, 19 year old girl, touche.

  3. I agree with Mai, I normally don’t like those kind of pants, but no one can deny that she ROCKS them. Also BWUUUUHH, SEQUIN SNEAKERS?!?!?! Sooo in love! Diru fan that’s not all Hot Topic gothed out ftw <3 She's so rad!

  4. Awww, I’ve always wanted a pair of sequined sneakers! o.O
    Good taste in music, good taste in shoes. ^^