Dir en Grey Fan w/ Piercings & h.Naoto Fashion in Harajuku

Here’s a punky 21-year-old Japanese girl named Sayumi who we met in Harajuku. Sayumi told us that she works in the fashion industry, and the blog that she gave us is an h.Naoto staff blog, so our best guess is that she probably works for h.Naoto.

Sayumi is wearing a really cool black asymmetrical coat from h. Naoto Sixh (check out the folds of the coat where it buttons in the closeup photo), long white bloomers from h.Naoto Gramm, and platform saddle shoes. Accessories include a blue bowler hat, a lip piercing, a gauged earring, a scarf with eyeballs on it, several silver crown rings from Royal Order, and a large vintage-looking handbag.

Sayumi told us that her favorite fashion brand is h. Naoto and her favorite band is Dir en Grey. If you’d like to know more about her, check out the h.Naoto staff blog.

Click on any street snap to enlarge it.

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  1. love her entire outfit! went to royal order – the rings are awesome. just wish i could find them for a bit less. :)

  2. Dreaded Queen

    Live the color of her hat. Looks like a hidden leaf village scarf lol. I’m still not sure about this wearing bloomers out……

  3. I love the ruffles on her bloomers and the detail in her rings, as well as her coat – its serpentine edge and cowl neckline are quite elegant. I’m also a little jealous of her…working for h.naoto! What a dream :)

  4. So we already have something in common – I love Dir En Grey! ^^
    I love h.Naoto as well and I also love everything about her outfit (specially that strangely structured jacket), so I think there’s a lot of love going on here! LOL

  5. I love her outfit,She reminds me of Ruki from The GazettE Haha