DJ Kanon’s “Hardcore For Life” Back Tattoo in Harajuku

Meet DJ Kanon, a Japanese DJ with an amazing “Hardcore For Life” back tattoo who we ran into on the street in Harajuku. DJ Kanon is known in Tokyo for her DJing at Tokyo Gabber (hardcore techno music) events, including playing some parties alongside Harajuku favorites Sisen and Takuya Angel.

Kanon’s outfit features a top from the resale shop Cult Party, a lace tiered skirt from Japanese brand One Spo, black knee-high socks, and pumps from CoCoLuLu. Kanon’s fun backpack is from the indie Japanese brand Omocha Party (sold at Spinns Harajuku). Her other accessories – some of which came from Nude ‘N Rude and Gilfy – include a lip piercing, star earrings, a choker with a heart charm, and several bracelets (the most noticeable of which is hot pink and says “BITCH”).

Kanon told us that her favorite fashion brands are one spo and Vivienne Westwood and her favorite music is – of course – Gabber. If you’d like to know more about her upcoming events, please check out the official DJ Kanon Blog.

Click any of the street snaps to enlarge them.

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  1. love the clothes and accessories but she has no eyebrows! even if she just had painted on ones that would be better than none! it ruins her pretty face!

  2. I think her style is great! Awesome tattoo! In my opinion eye brows would look cute on her. But it certainly makes her stand out in a unique way! She could try painting on different color ones. Id never do it, but the idea of coming up with new eyebrow styles sounds kind of fun!

  3. I find her lack of eyebrows disturbing.
    Though I really do lover her soft/sweet look that’s still hardcore at heart.
    I’ve been trying to achieve that since I don’t like nor have any single label. <3
    & I really, really, really love that her iPod is hooked up to her belt like a walkie talkie! XD
    There should be a side profile picture, I want to see her headphones!

  4. love her hair and style! she’ll definitely be the kind who remains hardcore for life. <3

  5. I can’t believe I have the same earrings as her! XD

  6. It would look so much better if she had eyebrows…

  7. fuck yeh….she’s a GABBER DJ!! WOOOHOOOOOOO! Love it <3