Here is an 18-year-old student named Nakashima, who’s wearing a bright top from the Dog resale shop with black leggings from Wego resale. Nakashima’s shoes are black Doctor Martens with red laces. Accessories include an interesting necklace with bones and beads.

We asked about Nakashima’s favorite band and were told Mongol800. Nakashima’s favorite places to shop are Dog and the shops in the Kitakore building.

Dog Resale Top & Wego Leggings

Dog top with bone & bead necklace

Black & red fabric bag

Doctor Martens shoes with red laces

Black backpack

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  1. uuu WOW i dont realy know why but i luv the look so much its just something new ,and fresh .
    luv the hair aswell so funky !!!<3

  2. A necklace Made of penises and beads. Nuff said, this guy is beyond awesome. He would be awesome even without the said necklace tho, the long tee he’s wearing says it all.

  3. omg i first thought they were like bones! whahaha,genius XD
    very nice tee, and i love his backpack :D

  4. I don’t know about anyone else, but I am really digging the gender ambiguity.
    This is such an awesome outfit.

  5. The whole outfit I absolutely love, including the hair.