Dolly-kei Girl in Grimoire Skirt & Floppy Hair Bow

We photographed this 18-year-old Japanese girl dressed in Dolly-kei fashion in the Harajuku area of Tokyo. Yume is a trade school student who has put together her stylish Dolly-kei look from new, vintage and handmade clothing. Her print skirt from Grimoire is paired with a vintage black sweater and lacy white top. Her accessories include a tassel necklace and large maroon hair bow from Amen. Her bag, decorated with a Red Cross symbol, is handmade. Yume’s favorite music is Rock and her favorite shops are The Virgin Mary, Grimoire and Amen.
Japanese Girl with Grimoire Skirt & Vintage Sweater

Tassel Necklace and Maroon Hair Bow

Large Maroon Hair Bow

Handmade Bag with Red Cross Decoration

Vintage Mary Jane Shoes

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  1. She’s so pretty :)
    I’m not a huge fan of Dolly kei but there are aspects of this outfit I like, for example her hair and hair bow :)

  2. kendermouse

    She’s adorable. I especially love her shoes.

  3. Aaw, she’s so cute! Love her hair, bag & face, so cute! <3

  4. she’s really cute! dark colors are my thing. i love it.

  5. Kudo’s to the photographer for capturing a work of art. I think the outfit is beautiful and complements this young woman’s own beauty perfectly. The half body (2nd) shot is my favourite. Wow!

  6. And, if that’s her real name…very fitting! ^_-

  7. jesika lin

    so cute… my family is german and she looks like a little bohemian peasant girl!! and agreed, her face is super angelic!

  8. folk is back! :) Costume from Swiss Alps? :)
    I am not malicious…I am art historian and I know history of costumes haha…
    girl is sweet

  9. Madonna Lily

    She’s not sweet…she’s hot º¬º

    PD I’m a straight girl