Dolly-kei Girl in Gunne Sax & Guy in Tramando

This Japanese couple represents some of the unique style that you can find on the streets of Harajuku. The cute girl on the left named Sae is wearing the feminine fashion associated with Dolly-kei. Her calico blue dress from Gunne Sax is trimmed with ribbon and lace and she’s accessorized it with a vintage lace shawl and a silk cord with two large tassels around her neck (a popular Tokyo look).

Sae is wearing a vintage hat and carrying an unusual “alligator” purse. Her brown clog-style shoes are from Green Dot. Sae’s favorite shop is Grimoire.

The edgy guy on the right is an entrepreneur named Takuma. He’s wearing an abstract print top and leggings from Tramando. His winged golden platform shoes are from designer Vivienne Westwood. His blue bag printed with cherub images is from Jeremy Scott.

Takuma is wearing a lot of cool jewelry (some of it from E.M. noir) including a leopard-head bracelet and gold snake rings. His long blonde hair is partially shaved, exposing his ear and several studs and earrings.

Takuma’s favorite designer is Nozomi Ishiguro. If you can read Japanese, check out his website.
Dolly-kei Girl in Gunne Sax and Guy in Tramando

Girl in Gunne Sax dress with tassel necklace

Vintage alligator purse

Vintage flowered hat

Green Dot clogs with hearts

Blonde guy with Tramando top

Tramando top and Jeremy Scott cherub bag

Leopard head bracelet & snake rings

Vivienne Westwood gold winged platform sandals

Blonde hair, shaved head, earrings and studs

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  1. When were these photo’s taken? I love Sae and Takuma! Been following their style for many years, TKM is my style icon when he’s dressed in OUJI :3
    It seems they wear Lolita brands on occasion only recently?
    I love TKM because he’s an otaku too, but is shoppies his actual website? (he’s a systems engineer, is that what that means?)
    Thanks for featuring these too!

  2. i love his snake ring!!
    anyone know where i can buy one?
    and the fly earring is to die for!

  3. jesika lin

    she has such a beautiful, perfect doll face! her alligator purse is AMAZING!! i have never seen a bag like it.
    all his jewellery is fantastic. i would kill for those fly earrings.

  4. He looks just cool – nothing more to say ^^ woot for his style♥!
    And she looks… umm… stylish but it’s absolutely not my style (I don’t like dolly-like girls…)

  5. wow, i have never seen a handbag like that before ;)

  6. omg sae and takuma! i kind of miss their old style, but both of them are really fashionable regardless of what they’re wearing. i wish i had half of takuma’s wardrobe.

  7. Where can I find this guy’s blog? I feel like I really have to take a closer look at him!!

  8. Any idea from where the aligator bag comes from?