Double Bun Hairstyle, Purple Jacket & Pink Tulle Skirt

Meet 20-year-old Chikako, who we photographed in Harajuku. Chikako is a fan of the Harajuku brand 6%DOKIDOKI, and several of the items in her outfit – including one of her tops and several of her cute candy-colored accessories – came from their shop.

Chikako didn’t specify which item, but one of the three layers of her tops – t-shirt, hoodie, or purple leather biker jacket – is from Galaxxxy. Her outfit also includes a pink tulle skirt, Trolls-print leggings, pink leg warmers, and painted Nike sneakers that she said she bought at “Love”. Chikako’s accessories include a large 6%DOKIDOKI ring, a Vivienne Westwood logo ring, a large hair bow on her colored double odango buns, and a pink & green backpack with a large clock in it that she said she got from “Skank”.

Click any of the street snaps to enlarge them.

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  1. NekoSheila

    Too much makeup, but the rest of it is good.

  2. Omg this is the best outfit!!! So colorful! Id die for a purple biker jacket like that.

  3. So cute and really fun too! ^^ love everything about this outfit. Her hair is so cook :O

  4. Madonna Lily

    I like her from the neck down
    The clock bag is nuts, I love it!

    I wonder why most japanese girls have such a beautiful legs

  5. Ahh I love this girl! ^^ super cute outfit and her hair is great :)
    And hehe…if one of the commenters above thinks that she is wearing too much makeup..then they’d probably hate to see me ^^’

  6. I like her clock bag but dont like her makeup,she rouged her cheeks too much so they are too blush. However,her eyelashes ok.

    That leggin isnt suitable for her becoz her legs are quite big.
    As a whole,I like this style a bit. <3

  7. WOW… amazing eyelashes, amazing rainbow color hair.

  8. ezra vilda

    her hair style is great!!
    love her eye make up ^,^d

  9. Wow, I just looove her outfit! Especially the backpack!

  10. waaaaaaaaaaw !!^.^

    I wish to see japanese style is saudi arabia

  11. i liked the style but the only proplem is the girl is too old for this style and not very cute and too much make up but the rest is cool ;)

  12. I looove the bag with the clock, it’s so original ! ! <3 I like her hair and her make up to ! :)

  13. Besides, I think that she isn’t too old for such a look and she looks cute ! ~

  14. Ļoti interesanti visi viņas aksesuāri un soma, kā pulkstenis! Izskatās ļoti krāsaini un atsķirīgi no visiem, kas redzami uz ielas..
    From Latvia.

  15. I’m so jealous of those tights. She reminds me of P-Funk. <3

  16. I’m in desperate need of that leather jacket D:

  17. Sammyswisso

    This is my favourtite so far. Her hair is explodes in the most artistic fashion ~ kind of grunge rock star combined with Princess Leia finish. Awesome. Her tights are innocent lovely creatures so cute. She brims with
    love & understanding & always on time backpack.[ she gives a sense of disorientation and confusion in the face of an apparently meaningless or absurd world]. Awesome