Dr. Slump & Leopard Girl vs. Adidas & Leggings Guy

We met this cool Japanese couple, both students, in Harajuku. The cute girl on the left is wearing a Uniqlo tee with a Dr. Slump graphic and a gray hoodie. Her short leopard print skirt is from a resale store. Her boots look like Dr. Martens but are actually from H&M. She has two large rings from Ambush and Dicokick and a button from Giza.

She said her favorite designer brand is KTZ (short for Kokan to Zai). Her favorite vintage shop is Candy.

The cool blonde guy on the right is wearing a shirt and shoes from Adidas with some vintage cut-off black Levis. His graphic leggings add a unique touch. His accessories are also unique – a thick gold chain and bow-tie necklace with an Origami crane pin from Phenomenon and Giza. He also has rings from Plaring and Ambush and is wearing two denim cuffs as bracelets. His black leather backpack is from American Apparel.

We asked about his favorite music and he said N.E.R.D. and Kanye West.
Dr. Slump & Leopard Skirt Girl vs. Adidas & Leggings Guy

Uniqlo t-shirt, hoodie and Giza pin

Japanese girl with bangs and Uniqlo Dr. Slump tee

Dicokick and Ambush rings

Japanese girl with H&M Boots

Adidas shirt, Phenomenon and Giza jewelry

Blonde guy with American Apparel backpack

Bow-tie necklace and Origami pin

Graphic leggings and Adidas

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  1. wow cool couple! i like their outfits <3 the legging is kinda too feminine to look at the first time, but after the second look, it looks fine with other outfits XD

  2. raynorshine

    I really like his origami lapel pin(?) that he has :D