Dream Nation Fashion w/ Faux Fur Vest & Underground x Daniel Palillo Creepers

This is Mizuho. He is 25 years old and he works at the Harajuku Monomania shop. His colorful look caught our eye in Harajuku and he let us snap a few pics.

Mizuho is wearing matching top and pants from Dream Nation, with a faux-fur vest on top. His eye-and-teeth creepers are from Underground X Daniel Palillo, and his bag is Patricia Field. He is also wearing jewelry from Monomania, such as a gold statement necklace, block ring and bracelet. We also noticed his gold metallic sunglasses.

Mizuho told us that he likes Yaponskii and Blur cure macacin, and that he’s a Deftones fan. You can find more about his fashion on the official Monomania Twitter and his personal Instagram.

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  1. Those creepers are perfect! The rest of the look is awesome too but I think I need the same creepers :D !