Dukan x Mararaika x Boy x Carharrtt x Adidas

This cool group are 16 and 17-year-old high school students. They’re each showing a unique and individual fashion sense. The girl on the far left with blue and black hair is Tazawa. She’s wearing a top from Dukan with resale pants. Her trendy resale ankle boots are made from leather and suede. Her tote bag also came from Dukan.

To the right of Tazawa is Fujikawa. He’s wearing a striped print tank top over loose brown pants – both from Mararaika. His accessories from Hakui include a large tassel around his neck and a wristful of bracelets. He’s also wearing a black and white print headband.

The guy in shorts and a Mickey Mouse t-shirt to the right of Fujikawa is Aokan. His denim shorts are from a resale shop and his t-shirt is from Boy resale. He’s wearing traditional Japanese seta sandals. Around his neck he’s wearing his house key and a pair of scissors on a string.

Next to Aokan in red shorts is Terry. His BBT Oakland shirt was purchased at a flea market. His shorts are from Carharrtt. He borrowed his black Y’d shoes from his dad and is carrying a Nike bag. He’s also wearing a large gold chain, a cool necktie and trendy aqua and magenta sunglasses.

On the far right is Kon. He’s wearing a pop art shirt from a resale shop over black Adidas shorts. He borrowed his black wingtip shoes from his father. He’s also wearing a gold chain and two small hoop earrings in one ear.

Dukan x Mararaika x Boy x Carharrtt x Adidas

Dukan top & resale pants

Blue hair & head scarf

Suede boots with fur trim

Mararaika tank top & loose pants

Hakui tassel & headband

Mararaika pants & leather topsiders

Mickey Mouse t-shirt & denim shorts

Boy shirt with key & scissors on string

Japanese seta sandals

BBT Oakland shirt & Carharrtt shorts

BBT Oakland shirt & gold chain

Black Y'd shoes

Pop art shirt & Adidas shorts

Resale pop art shirt with chain

Black wingtip shoes

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  1. Madonna Lily

    Agree, Fujikawa ♥♥♥♥♥
    I like Terry’s tie n___n

  2. whats up with these dudes….crazy,,but liked it.:-*