Dulcamara, Nozomi Ishiguro & Nike

This guy with long dreadlocks is Reo, a 20-year-old college student. Reo is wearing a stylish hooded black tweed coat from Dulcamara over drawstring-bottom pants from Nozomi Ishiguro. His red, blue and silver sneakers are from Nike.

Reo’s accessories from Yoshiko and FFYR include patterned socks, two graphic buttons on his coat and two silver rings. He’s carrying a large Vinti bag decorated with a fur tail and some chains and toys.
Dulcamara, Nozomi Ishiguro & Nike

Dulcamara coat & buttons

Dreadlocks in Harajuku

Silver rings

Vinti bag with fur tail

Large Vinti bag

Red, blue & silver Nike sneakers

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  1. Very cool! ^.^ Like this style! Love the trousers! I have never seen a Japanese man with real dreads before! Very nice ^.^

  2. Now I know Y I don’t C any FOXES anymore—because the JAPANESE killed them all…n it looks like he also KILLED somebodies DOG n put it on his head!

  3. sara paris

    STARTIST dont be a dick!

    he’s cool!!!!!!!!!

  4. Hey handsome I would give you my number if you don’t wear CORPSESSSSS