Earflap Cap, WEGO Dickies & Rick Owens Sneakers

This cool blonde guy is Maro, who we’ve photographed before in Harajuku. He’s a staff member at the WEGO Takeshita Dori store and is 19 years old. On this day he was wearing some resale items including a long patterned t-shirt and short leather jacket.

His used red graphic Dickies shorts came from WEGO (he also had them on in the previous post but here his look is quite different). His backpack is from exit for dis.

Maro’s accessories include a red, white and black knit cap with earflaps and a pompom. His black-and-white sneakers are from Rick Owens.

We asked Maro this time about his favorite music and the answer was Loco Frank. He invites you to check out this street snap website.
Earflap Cap, WEGO Dickies & Rick Owens Sneakers

Knit ear flap cap & resale leather jacket

exit for dis backpack

Knit cap with earflaps and pompom

Dickies shorts & Rick Owens sneakers

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  1. kool outfit……
    he’s really hot !!!
    the first is spelled WEGO is misspelled just to let you know

  2. Second……. Not sure about this outfit sorrys

  3. Thank you for finding the typo, CeeCee, I fixed it! :-)

  4. Ohhhhhhhh my! Great idea! Lightbulb! Haha. I love wearing large shorts like this (usually striped vintage) over jeans..I wanna get some cool solid colored ones from a thrift store and draw my illustrations on them. I didn’t even think of it! Thank you TokyoFashion.com Haha.

  5. He reminds me of the main guy in Yankee kun to Megane chan!! So cute!! I want those shoes *_*

  6. Oh cool. Fake Rick Owens sneakers.

    I’m surprised nobody noticed.