Earmuffs, Hair Bows, White Tights & Cute Shoes

We photographed these cute Japanese girls in Harajuku. All three are wearing white tights and stylish footwear. The girl in the middle, with blonde hair and a red hair bow, is 16-year-old Pekorinu. She’s wearing a white crochet shawl from Kinji over a dress that she bought at the flea market. Her pin made from artificial flowers is also from the flea market.

Pekorinu’s purse, which is handmade, features lace and ruffles, a Beanie Baby teddy bear and a red bow. On her feet are Vivienne Westwood’s ballerina rocking horse shoes.

The girl on the left with furry earmuffs from Bleu Bleuet is 17-year-old Mana. Her outfit consists of a long white cardigan from TipTop and a Franche Lippee pastel print dress. Mana is also wearing soft suede boots from Felissimo. Her fabric bag is from Ships.

On the right is 16-year-old Wakako. She’s wearing a bright abstract-print blouse from Thank-You Mart and a short red skirt from Wego. She’s also wearing a cream-colored chenille sweater. Her striped socks are from Nadia and her patent leather shoes and wide leather belt are from local shops. Wakako’s Louis Vuitton handbag and the bright scarf tied in a bow in her hair were gifts from her grandmother.

We asked the girls about their favorite fashion brands and shops. Pekorinu likes Nadia and Panama Boy. Mana’s favorites are Franche Lippee and I Am I. Wakako’s favorites are Thank-You Mark, Nadia and Kinji. When it comes to music, Pekorinu likes Ginnan Boyz while Mana favors uverworld. Wakako likes the music of AKB48, Lady Gaga and Shiina Ringo.
Earmuffs, Hair Bows, White Tights & Cute Shoes

Kinjii crochet shawl

Blonde hair & red hair bow

Handmade bag & Beanie Baby teddy bear

Vivienne Westwood ballerina rocking horse shoes

Franche Lippee dress

Bleu Bleuet furry earmuffs

Ships fabric tote

White tights & Suede Felissimo boots

Chenille sweater & Thank-You Mart blouse

Scarf hair bow

Louis Vuitton purse

Nadia socks & patent leather shoes

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  1. Lol the third girl, is that really a louis vuitton bag? :/

  2. Pretty sure that’s not a Vuitton. I mean, the LV logo isn’t even on there, there’s no stamping on the leather handles – not to mention that the Murakami stars and flowers are all wrong!

  3. LOL that is not an LV bag.

    Why do they all look so mad?

  4. ohhhh…scary…what a faces…girl from left less spooky but in general…why like so?

  5. Its not a Vuiton and its not a fake, it is an interpretation of a fake Vuiton….