This is Kosuke, a 16-year-old student. His layered clothing includes an Eclasion jacket with a pocket crest worn over a longer military jacket, a striped shirt from Mean and black cuffed Wrangler jeans. His brown shoes (worn with bright socks) are from Dr. Martens and his denim tote bag was purchased in Nakameguro

Kosuke’s accessories from Eclasion include a bolo tie and a military medal pinned to his lapel. We asked about his favorite places to shop and his answer was Mean and N. Hoolywood. He also said that his favorite band is the Hiatus.

You can see more pictures of Kosuke’s clothing on his blog.

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  1. Only 16? He has a very mature way of dressing…

  2. ^OJI boy ftw!
    well, more like oji x military..kid looks awesome =u=

  3. fantastic layering going on! i’d totally wear the female counterpart outfit to this!

  4. Gemma Penn

    What a cutie-pie! And such a flair for fashion already! <3

  5. Bylli Thomas

    LOVE IT! THE whole outfit is very mature and put together.

  6. Love love love it! Hes kind of hobbit-ish too, ne? Lol

  7. What a mature ensemble for a sixteen year old! I love it a lot!

  8. I absolutly love his outfit! Want to see the girls-version of it ;)