This cute girl with pig tails and a flowered parasol is named Koks. Her pink outfit includes a top with a gathered peplum decorated with lace and bows from Emily Temple Cute. Her flowered print skirt is from Baby the Stars Shine Bright. She’s also wearing pink stockings and Emily Temple Cute black pumps with bows on the vamp and straps.

Koks has lots of sweet accessories from Angelic Pretty and 6%DokiDoki, including heart-shaped sunglasses, a plastic bead necklace and bracelets. She also has ruffled cuffs and pretty bows in her hair. She’s carrying a pink handbag from Baby the Stars Shine Bright.

Koks likes the music of Kanon Wakeshima and her favorite shop is 6%DokiDoko. You can see her website here.
Emily Temple Cute & Baby the Stars Shine Bright

Angelic Pretty & 6%DokiDoki accessories

Purse from Baby the Stars Shine Bright

6%DokiDoki jewelry

Lace cuff & plastic beads

Shoes with bows from Emily Temple Cute

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  1. ああ、可愛い~~ (^v^) 面白い系です・・・・デコラとろりたですか? まあ、すごい! :D 私はBTSSBが大好きです~

  2. amazing! love the parasol and the heart sunglasses are TO DIE FOR.