Blue Hair, Hat, Emoda Striped Pants & Zebra Clutch in Harajuku

This is L, a stylish 19-year-old with blue hair who you might remember from her previous Harajuku street snaps. This time, she’s wearing a black and white outfit with a hat and red lipstick.

L’s Monki top features sheer panels, while her striped pants are by the Japanese brand Emoda. She layered with a long, white shirt. Her sneakers are Reebok, and she’s also sporting a zebra print clutch, spiked necklace and a retro camera iPhone case.

L told us that her favorite place to shop is Fig&Viper and that she’s a fan of Lady Gaga. Find her on Twitter for more info.

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  1. Ddalgibread

    She kind of reminds me of suzy of miss a :)