Etsuna Otsuka w/ Lace, Bows & Bilitis Tulle Skirt in Harajuku

Here’s Etsuna, a stylish Tokyo-based designer who we ran into in Harajuku. Etsuna was out with her cute baby when we met her!

Etsuna is wearing a cute lace top from nesessaire with a pretty tulle skirt from Bilitis, ruffle socks, and I AM I cat-face platform shoes. Accessories – several of which are from her own brand Etsuna Otsuka – include a hair band with purple bows, a lace hair decoration, lace earrings (also with purple bows), a delicate heart necklace, and a cool wood and knit bag from Yoshiko.

Etsuna told us that her favorite sources for fashion include her own handmade items (Etsuna Otsuka) and the brand nesessaire. She said that her favorite music is by Amo. If you’d like to know more about Etsuna, please check her out on Twitter or Lookbook (where she has posted some of the cutest pregnancy fashion snaps ever)! You can also see some of her fashion creations on Facebook.

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  1. Interesting make-up! Very pretty and fairy-like. Cute :)

  2. Dreaded Queen

    Oolala. So pretty and interesting details. ight and beautiful!L

  3. were can i get those shoes?!?!? ive been looking for that brand “I AM I” and nothing?!?!?

  4. tokyo

    @Gypsie – The brand name is “I Am I” and they have several stores with different names like “I Am I Hole” located on Cat Street in Harajuku. Here is the brand website: