Exile Fan Fashion in Tokyo

Two friendly Japanese Exile fans on their way to one of the “The Monster” concerts in Harajuku in August of 2009.

These two smiling Japanese girls, who were nice enough to pose for our photo on their way to an Exile concert, are holding Exile pennants and showing off some J-Pop fan fashion. Both girls are wearing denim shorts, with the one on the right wearing cutoffs. The girl on the right is also wearing a t-shirt with a British flag on it, a black leather vest, black boots, and aviator style sunglasses. The girl on the left is wearing an Exile concert t-shirt, pink and blue high heels, hoop earrings, and large glasses. Both of the girls were quite tan and both had blonde-ish hair.

Exile Fan Girls

Click on the image above to see a bigger higher quality version of the photo.

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