Eye-Catching Japan Street Styles w/ Dog Harajuku, Uniqlo, Gucci, George Cox, Kinji, Black Brain, Supreme & Vans

We met 16-year-old students Hiroya and Junei, whose cool street styles caught our eye in Harajuku.

On the right is Junei, who is decked out in a pink Black Brain top with extra long sleeves peeking out from his Kinji jacket. This grey jacket featured wide lapels, front button closures, and side pockets. He added a playful element to his look with several Vogue pins on his left lapel. Another eye-catching detail from his ensemble is a pair of black-and-white checkerboard pants from Supreme. The cuffs are rolled up to showcase his black sneakers from Vans. He finished off his look with a fuzzy Supreme bucket hat, sunglasses with black frames and orange-tinted lenses, and a black Supreme fanny pack worn across his chest.

Junei’s favorite fashion labels are Dog Harajuki and Supreme. He also listens to Marilyn Mason. Follow him on Instagram.

On the left is Hiroya in a sleeveless Dog Harajuku collared jacket, which featured an assortment of patches, several Vogue pins on the left lapel, front button closures, a graphic print on the back, and safety pin detail on the left sleeve. He wore it over a burgundy top from Calvin Klein styled with a pink printed necktie from Gucci. Hiroya also wore black ripped jeans from Uniqlo, black socks with contrasting red lettering, and black leather lace-up shoes from George Cox.

His favorite fashion brands include Dog Harajuku, Gucci, and Off-White. Hiroya also listens to K-Pop music.

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