Face Mask Guy with Boy T-Shirt & Marlboro Jacket

This Japanese guy, a 21-year-old college student that we photographed in Harajuku, is wearing a long white t-shirt from Boy resale store. His print pants are also from Boy. He’s also wearing a red jacket with Marlboro logos. Candy, another popular resale store, is where he got his flower print red shoes.

The oversized white cap he’s wearing is by Christopher Nemeth and features fabric scraps and large buttons. He’s carrying a backpack from Coffee and Milk. On his t-shirt he’s wearing two of the buttons with print designs that we’ve seen around Tokyo this year.

When we ask about his favorite music he said Radwimps. His favorite designer is Christopher Nemeth and Boy is his favorite store.

If you’re wondering about the face mask, it’s a common practice in Tokyo when germs or allergens want to be avoided.
Japanese guy with face mask, Boy t-shirt & Marlboro jacket

Boy t-shirt and button pins

Christopher Nemeth hat & Marlboro jacket

Coffee and Milk backpack

Button pins

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  1. I love it. I think the face mask actually adds to the look. And I REALLY love the “BOY” shop..At least their blog! I missed it last time I was in Tokyo..I HAVE to go. Everything on their blog is so interesting. I think if I lived in Tokyo and was Japanese, that is the style I would wear. haha

    For street fashion ILLUSTRATIONS, check out my blog!! :)

  2. Oh my god… that’s the sloppiest thing I’ve ever seen, right next to Ke$sha. He looks like an absolute clown, with a cheap-looking Marlboro jacket to boot! If I saw him on the streets I’d definitely burst out laughing.

  3. Does anyone know if there’s an online store for the store Coffee and Milk ? I would like to get his bookbag ^^;