FANATIC Magazine Girls in Colorful Vintage & Handmade Street Styles w/ Tokyo Bopper & Kilo Shop

In Harajuku, we ran into this trio of girls – three of the producers of the new Japanese street fashion magazine FANATIC Tokyo – wearing bright and bold street styles. They are 19-year-old student Fuki Nishiya (right), 19-year-old student Haruka Kado (middle), and 19-year-old fashion student Rizna (left).

Rizna is wearing a red pleated dress from Chicago, a handmade red and black cropped top with hearts at the front, red and white striped knee-high socks, and Chinese embroidered ballet flats. Her accessories include large hoop earrings, a plaid handmade tote bag, and a bonnet with the same plaid print as her bag. Rizna loves to shop at Punk Cake and she likes listening to drum and bass music. She is active on Instagram.

At the middle, Haruka’s outfit features a leopard print top from Kilo Shop, a used/resale red knit dress, and a leopard print coat from daidai. Red socks and Dr. Martens mary jane shoes completed her outfit. Accessories include a vintage gold necklace and a red cowboy hat. Haruka’s favorite brand/shop is Punk Cake and her favorite bands include Judy and Mary, Plastics and The Rogues. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram for her social media updates.

Twin-tailed Fuki’s colorful ensemble includes pink tights, a lace and velvet onesie she bought in Shimokitazawa, and a geometric print jacket gifted by a friend. Pink ankle socks, Tokyo Bopper platforms, and a remake canvas tote bag, and accessories such as a pink ruffle scarf and knitted gloves completed her look. Fuki loves to listen to Chara, Yura Yura Teikoku and Sakanaction. Catch her on Twitter and Instagram for her updates.

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