Fashion Designer in White Lace Romper, Thigh-High White Stockings, H&M Ballerina Flats, Resale Polka Dot Sling Bag, Rose Tint Sunglasses, Medallion Necklaces, Rosary Necklace & Stone-Embellished Rings

Standing out on the streets of Harajuku with her all lace look is 26-year-old Akino, who designs the brand Parca Silky.

Akino stepped out in vintage white lace rompers layered over light blue underclothing. She paired this with a matching vintage white lace long cover-up and pink H&M ballerina flats worn with thigh-high white stockings. To style her outfit, Akino carried a resale polka dot sling bag and also threw on a couple of accessories including multiple silver earrings, a layering of assorted necklaces including a medallion pendant and a rosary necklace, rose tinted sunglasses, a beaded bracelet and several rings with stone embellishments.

Parca Silky, Akino’s own remake brand is her favorite. She also shared that she loves listening to music by Lovely Summer-Chan and Izumi Makura. Follow Akino on Instagram and Twitter to see more of her style.

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