Fashion Student in Gunne Sax & Tokyo Bopper

This is Wakana, a 20-year-old Bunka Fashion College student. Her long vintage dress is from Gunne Sax. She’s also wearing a cloche hat and carrying a pastel quilted patchwork bag from Keisuke Kanda. Her white platform shoes that she’s wearing with lacey socks are from Tokyo Bopper.

Wakana’s jewelry includes a plastic ring decorated with a rose. She told us her favorite shop is The Virgin Mary, one of Tokyo’s more creative resale shops.
Fashion Student in Gunne Sax & Tokyo Bopper

Vintage Gunne Sax dress

Keisuke Kanda pastel quilted patchwork bag

Tokyo Bopper white platform shoes

Plastic rose ring

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  1. LOVE THE VINTAGE! Its amazing! Likewise i think Vintage needs to come back into fashion!

    I love her hat and the ring

    I think i need to go Japan and go insane with my fashion :P

  2. I love vintage Gunne Sax. That dress looks really cute on her. And I love that ring as well…really cute.

  3. i just thought i should tell you that the post says “lacey cocks” instead of “lacey socks”

  4. Tokyo2442

    She’s beautiful and her clothes too ! But she would be more kawaii if she smiled ^^

  5. Her shoes kind of scare me, but I LOVE the rest of the outfit! <3<3
    and she's so pretty too :3

  6. She’s cute.
    I love her jewelry, and I don’t really like the dress, just cause it kind of looks like it needs something… to me… :P

  7. dillmockingbird

    I can imagine myself in Harajuku and being stared upon by the people because I only wear jeans and shirt with no accessories or make-up whatsoever.

    I love the hat.