Fashionable Tokyo Fashion Students in Harajuku

We spotted these two fashionable guys – and their fashionable female friend – while walking on Cat Street in Harajuku. It’s not the first time we’ve seen these striking guys around Harajuku, either (check out photos of them posted last month here.) When we talked to them, they told us that they are all originally from Taiwan. The two guys are currently students at the prestigious Bunka Fashion College in Shinjuku.

We didn’t get the full info on what they were wearing this time, but last time they told us that some of their favorite fashion brands are Nozomi Ishiguro and Comme des Garcons and two of their favorite shops are Heathen and Dog. As far as music, both of the guys like Lady Gaga!

Harajuku Fashion Students

Colorful Spiked Bracelet

Cool Handbag & Hat in Harajuku

Blonde Hair & Cool Style in Harajuku

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  1. The guy with black hair looks really cool. His bracelet’s awesome!!


    san nin de naka to migi no ko wa kawaiiii,,,,demo hitari no ko nanka okama mitii

  3. Amélie

    OMG, I love love love the girl’s shoes !!! <3