Flaming Skull Sweater, Joyrich Jacket & Mickey Mouse Shorts in Shinjuku

Miu was wearing a colorful, layered outfit when we snapped her on the street in Shinjuku. She is 19, and the oversized skull on her sweater really got our attention.

Miu’s outfit features a skull and flames sweater over Mickey Mouse shorts from Disney and a Joyrich jacket printed with numbers. She used safety pins to attach a patch to her face mask, and she completed the look with sunglasses and an eyes hat that she bought in Korea. Her backpack is a schoolchild’s randoseru, and she wore her white, peep-toe ankle boots with red sports socks.

Miu’s favorite designer is Comme des Garcons, and her favorite band is Egg Brain. Yuu can reach her on Twitter, where she goes by @miutamago.

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  1. wow. her outfit looks really cool!! and i love the mask, i wanna wear that~~

  2. lol gikwang wore that hat in Dancing Shoes awesome

  3. Watch your mouth lil lady. ;D awesome, I love the outfit. e u e)