Florida Harajuku Shop Staff’s Multi-Print Street Style w/ Galaxy Print Denim Sweater, Plaid Skirt, Paisley Print Flared Pants, Gucci Sling Bag & Z-Coil Sneakers

Easily catching our attention on the streets of Tokyo one late afternoon is Sho, a 20-year-old Florida Harajuku staffer sporting a striking blue ensemble.

Sporting a blonde bob, Sho is dressed in a denim sweatshirt with a galaxy print front from Big Mac, which he wore over a blue shirt from Liquid Blue. He also wore a short plaid skirt with pleats over blue paisley print flared pants, both of which are from Listen Flavor. White sneakers from Z-Coil and accessories – some from Tiffany & Co. and Florida – such as clear glasses, silver mismatched earrings, a silver pendant necklace, a bangle, an oversized safety pin and a Gucci leather belt rounded out his style. In addition, Sho is carrying a Gucci logo print sling bag.

Sho lists Gucci, Flat and Otoe as his fashion favorites, and he enjoys listening to My Hair Is Bad and Sekai No Owari. Follow Sho on Instagram for more of his streetwear looks.

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