Harajuku Girl in Flower Crown, Dolly & Molly, Jeannie Nitro & Ankle Boots

Shelly is a cutely styled 22-year-old student originally from Canada who we met on the street in Harajuku. Her pretty flower crown is the first thing that caught our eye.

In addition to her flower crown, she’s wearing a Dolly & Molly sheer polka dot dress over a matching crop top (with a heart cutout) and shorts from Jeannie Nitro along with Acne Studios sparkling ankle boots (with ruffle socks). Accessories include a nose ring, several necklaces, a “Somehow” tote bag, and a Hicosaka Mokuhan Koubou bread-print tote bag.

Shelly is active on Instagram as ShellyFilledDonut!

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  1. Pollypocket

    She is stunning. Her makeup is so natural, and even though her hair is dyed, it doesn’t feel like it is… It just suits her so well. I’m jelly over those boots. Who is the maker?