Flower Resale Dress, Parco Clogs & Lacy Socks

Ran is a 21-year-old college student who likes to shop at Frapbois, Mercibeaucoup, Flower and Crisp. She bought her lace dress at the Flower resale shop. Her accessories include a wide leather belt and black and white print shawl.

Ran’s Parco clogs look cute with lace-trimmed ankle socks. Her shoulder bag is from H&M.
A hair band worn across her bangs adds the finishing touch.

When asked to name her favorite music she said Q;indivi and Yuki.
Flower resale dress & shawl

H&M shoulder bag with shawl

H&M bag & headphones

Hair band over bangs

Parco clogs with lacy socks

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  1. oh my god thats so cute!! i love her headphones^_^

  2. Dominique

    I always wanted earphones like that. I like the bag

  3. Stephanie

    I agree, the headphones are awesome!!
    Where did she get them???
    Or what brand are they??

  4. I adore her bag — I’ve been looking for something exactly like that! I think I’m going to have to move to Japan just to do some serious shopping ^_^

  5. dillmockingbird

    what’s up with the lacey socks and the lopsided headband?